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Welcome to AuthorCollector

AuthorCollector is a place to keep an online list of your favorite authors and keep track of existing and upcoming titles from those authors.

  • AuthorCollector is entirely free... simply register to be able to enter the names of your favorite authors.
  • Once you've entered authors, you will be able to access a table of publications by your chosen authors.
  • Your publication table is sortable on any field and can be filtered by name, date, binding and language using the form on the left side of the page.
  • If you click on the title of a particular book, you are taken to Amazon where you can see all of the details... and purchase the book if you so choose.
  • Many AuthorCollector features are implemented, but more are on the way soon.  Care will be taken to not lose your authors or filtering settings.
  • You will never be sent spam by this site, nor will your information be shared with anyone... ever.


What motivated the development of AuthorCollector?

I read a lot... and there are 25-30 authors I very much enjoy.  I use Amazon to buy books (as well as many other things)... I'd log in and search for books and find myself overwhelmed.

  • I'd often have trouble remembering the names of my favorite authors.  Sometimes I'd fetch past invoices just to remember author names.  Very tedious.
  • Amazon's search engine is very powerful, but can be very "general."  You can get 600 hits for an author who has published 10 books, and then spend time filtering these hits down to size.
  • Sometimes I'd let Amazon recommend books for me.  I've never had good luck with this... as the online ratings for books are often spoofed by homers.  So I stick to authors I know.


So I developed AuthorCollector to greatly simplify finding new books, reliably and quickly.

I sincerely hope you enjoy AuthorCollector.  If you have a question, issue or feature request, send an e-mail to Mark Allen Neil.